CLASS 101 ~ Discovering Our Church Family

Although we offer CLASS 101 on campus with varying dates and times, we understand that in today’s world there are some who just can’t make it out for the 3-hour class. For this reason, we wanted to make the class available online!

In the same way God created the physical family as a context for love, nurture, support and growth, God also created the spiritual family for His children. Churches were designed to be a loving family where we can build relationships, learn about God and grow to be more like Jesus. In CLASS 101, Pastor Brian will share how to begin a relationship with Christ and then how to grow at Oak Ridge!

Click on the image below to open/download the CLASS booklet.

You’ll need this as you watch the videos below.

Session 1

Session one will cover how to become a Christian and what the Bible teaches about believer’s baptism. Please fill out the Information form below to tell us more about yourself.

Session 2

Session two will cover our history, mission, vision and finally how to become a part of the Oak Ridge family!

After finishing both videos, fill out the forms below to complete the class!